No Stressi Pups: Calming Your Pets During Fireworks Season


Fireworks night can be a dazzling spectacle for us, but for our four-legged friends, it can be a source of immense stress and anxiety. The loud bangs and bright lights can turn a peaceful evening into a fearful experience for our canine companions. Here are some tips to help your furry friends stay calm and happy during fireworks night.

Keep Them Indoors

On fireworks night, keep your dog indoors. Even if your dog is used to being outside, the loud noises can cause them to panic and try to escape. Ensure all windows and doors are securely closed to prevent any accidental escapes.

Background Noise

Drown out the sound of fireworks with calming background noise. Play soft music, turn on the television, or use a white noise machine to muffle the sounds of the fireworks. This can provide a soothing atmosphere for your dog.

Stay Calm

Dogs are incredibly perceptive and can pick up on their owners’ emotions. If you remain calm and relaxed, your dog is more likely to follow suit. It’s important to act normally around your dog and be cheerful and playful. Allow your dog to isolate itself or hide if it wants to.

Create a Safe Haven

Create a safe and comfortable space for your dog to retreat to. This could be a cosy corner with their favourite blanket and toys. Make sure this space is away from windows and doors to minimize the impact of noise and flashes.

Our Sherpa blankets are the perfect size for dogs, providing them with a snug and secure space. And if you want to join in on the fun, our generously sized Minky Dot blankets are as roomy as a double bed, ensuring the whole family can snuggle up in comfort. Don’t miss out – shop our cosy Sherpa & Minky Dot Blankets here.

  • Thistle Do Nicely • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket
    Thistle Do Nicely • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket
  • Hairy Coo-ture • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket
    Hairy Coo-ture • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket
  • Leaf Me Alone • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket
    Leaf Me Alone • Minky Dot Double Bed Blanket

Consider Desensitisation

Desensitisation techniques, such as playing recorded firework sounds at a low volume and gradually increasing the volume over time, can help your dog become less sensitive to the noise. Consult with a professional dog trainer for guidance on desensitisation exercises.

Consult a Vet

If your dog’s fear of fireworks is severe, consult your veterinarian. They can provide advice on behaviour modification techniques or prescribe medication to help your dog remain calm during stressful situations.


Ensure your dog is wearing a collar with proper identification tags, including your contact information. In case your dog does manage to escape due to fear, this will increase the chances of a safe return home. See our selection of pet tags here.

  • A Pawsitive ID • QR Code Pet Tags
    A Pawsitive ID • QR Code Pet Tags
  • The Adventurer • Wooden Pet Tags
    The Adventurer • Wooden Pet Tags
  • Luxury Pet Tags
    Luxury Pet Tags

Plan a Tiring Day

On fireworks night, engage your dog in plenty of physical and mental exercises during the day. A tired dog is more likely to be relaxed and less anxious during the evening.

Remember, every dog is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Pay attention to your dog’s cues and be patient. With a little extra care and attention, you can help your furry friend weather the fireworks night with calm and confidence.

Recommended by our Reps

We reached out to our wonderful reps to find out the products, techniques, or events they recommend for keeping their pets calm on Bonfire Night, and here’s what they came up with. Their insights and tips can help you ensure your furry friends have a peaceful and stress-free experience during the festivities.

@thatdogdougal recommends:

Whitelee Nae Fireworks Event has a firework free night on November 5th 6pm to 9pm, with Ranger led walks throughout the evening. The Visitor Centre is also open for tea/coffee and cakes!

The Deets

  1. calendarNovember 5th
  2. time6pm to 9pm
  3. location pinWhitelee Windfarm, Moor Road, Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire, G76 0QQ
  4. entry requirementsDrop-in event – no booking required
  5. what to pack What to bring:
  • Dress for the weather – warm clothes, waterproofs and don’t forget the dog’s coat!
  • Torch & dog lights (if you have them)
  • Dog lead
  • Dog poo bags – Bag it and Bin it!
  • Flask and snacks, as well as water and a bowl for your dog too
  • Re-usable cup if you’re heading to the Visitor Centre Café

@reggiethepugjug recommends:

Dorwest Herbs Scullcap & Valerian tablets, plus Valerian compound.

Perfect for keeping your dog calm during the fireworks season. Combine these natural supplements with gentle behavioural training, like noise desensitisation programs, to create a serene atmosphere at home.

Order directly from Dorwest, and take advantage of their 25% off discount code ‘FIREWORKS23

Tune in to the Pet Classics show on Classic FM (100-102FM) radio station. This special program is designed to drown out the noise of fireworks and keep your pet calm.

  1. calendarSaturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November
  2. time5pm to 9pm

Herbs Scullcap & Valerian Bundle Pack

by Dorwest

RRP £23.80 – £89.80 (Depending on size)

@adventureswithfenton recommends:

Hush Muffs from Soothe and Settle are excellent for bonfire night!

Hush Muffs are made to fit your dog’s noggin just right, with specially chosen materials that not only dull the noise but also give your fur buddy a cosy hug, making them feel all safe and snug during fireworks season.


by Soothe and Settle


@miloandleosdoglife recommends:

I highly recommend checking out the full Anxiety range from Paws Right There.

They have everything from pet friendly anxiety wax melts, candles, room sprays and paw balms. We use every single anxiety product and they have all helped massively!

Milo has a severe fear of fireworks and thunderstorms & we had tried everything from thunder jackets, plug ins, classical music and so on… However one night using Calm the Fluff Down Rollerball & Milo was sleeping like a baby right through all the fireworks & was up playing!

Paws Right There offer a Bonfire Night Bundle including their trio of anxiety reducing products: Anxiety Calm Balm, Goodbye Anxiety Room Mist, Calm the Fluff Down Rollerball.

Bonfire night bundle – dog firework anxiety

by Paws Right There


*All prices were accurate at time of posting. We are in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands or products mentioned.

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