Meet the team


CEO • Quality Control • Professional Napper

Will steal your heart and bite your toes.


Owner • Designer • Ms Arty Farty

Never not thinking about food. Will cry at the most minor things.


Web-Designer • All-round Whizz Kid

Whinges a lot but gets the job done. Eventually. A fan of sloths.


Bob the Builder • Professional Harness Fitter

Fixes everyone’s problems whilst maintaining a calming aura.


Model • Cutie Pie

Little ball of fluff and sass. Keeps Messi in check. 

A bit of background

We are two sisters with a background in web and graphic design, who love our wee dog Messi to bits, so much so that we decided to start a business in his honour. In order to stand out from the competition, we decided to focus on our Scottish roots, and create designs that reflect this while still being modern and stylish! We look forward to growing our business, coming up with new ideas and seeing where our Messi little pup takes us!